Mon May 29 2017 11:26:58
Michael, fix it.

51 bugs found.
ID Sev Pri OS Assignee Status Resolution Summary
173 min P1 Wind NEW Scrolling through email folders leaks memory
194 nor P1 Wind NEW Pressing delete button twice causes crash
276 maj P1 Wind ASSI more migration issues
365 blo P1 Wind ASSI cannot filter on encoded subject
385 blo P1 All NEW I will not use this outdated and buggy interface anymore
405 min P1 Wind NEW Date Sent info of mails depends on user interface language
455 maj P1 All NEW Changing the IMAP account settings causes deletes
108 nor P2 Wind ASSI using a FW / bounce filter on outgoing mail does not sen...
113 nor P2 All ASSI HTML doesn't print very well.
120 nor P2 All ASSI New calendar events don't sort into place in the list view
126 nor P2 Wind ASSI Crash when deleting event
127 enh P2 Wind ASSI Enhancement to delete messages from server after specifie...
129 nor P2 Wind ASSI attachments corruption while sending
131 maj P2 Wind NEW Hang after viewing folder properties
132 enh P2 Wind ASSI Always deny / send read receipt
146 nor P2 Wind ASSI Text showing in spam probability number
148 maj P2 Wind ASSI Test12 Random Crashes with OpenSSL
156 enh P2 Wind ASSI Email templates linked to identities
160 min P2 Wind NEW Attachments: Same image file displayed
172 nor P2 Wind ASSI default email address for a contact ignored.
283 maj P2 All ASSI Doesn't support XOAUTH for gmail IMAP
435 min P2 Wind NEW Contact preview is not shown
29 enh P3 All ASSI Can't drag start and end calendar edges around in week view.
42 enh P3 All ASSI Can't enter multiple criteria in the find window.
162 nor P3 Wind NEW New mail record lost active state on read automark
164 nor P3 Wind NEW Window restore not works correctly with tray icon
170 enh P3 Wind NEW New Fields for Filter use
475 nor P3 All ASSI Can't delete or right click on search results.
485 min P3 All ASSI Mbox export seems to keep file open
495 nor P3 All ASSI Incorrect rendering of HTML
44 nor P4 Wind ASSI Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V don't work in the IE html plugin's window.
89 enh P4 All NEW Auto-add to contact list
97 min P4 Wind ASSI Not possible to select the page range when printing message
167 enh P4 Wind NEW Minimized status button on toolbar can be more informative
224 min P4 All ASSI Imported e-mail is placed out of order
228 min P4 All ASSI Focus goes out of message list when last message is deleted
240 min P4 All ASSI Narrow field in Find dialog
259 enh P4 All ASSI When filter actions fail there is no error message or way...
260 enh P4 All ASSI When you rename a folder that a filter moves mail to it b...
266 min P4 All ASSI Can't search filters (and probably other lesser object ty...
267 nor P4 Wind NEW Importing from Outlook doesn't work
279 nor P4 Mac ASSI Hovering a drag over a tree item doesn't open the node.
282 nor P4 All ASSI Deleting an IMAP attachment doesn't work.
284 min P4 Mac NEW Apple+F doesn't open the right find window when the previ...
26 tri P5 All ASSI Sending from custom folder to make copy in Sent items
65 nor P5 Wind NEW email showing in the active view
130 nor P5 Wind ASSI Wrong password followed by opening mail folder doesn't en...
161 tri P5 Wind ASSI Bug selecting bounce message from toolbar
166 enh P5 Wind NEW SSL standart port mapping in Options
201 enh P5 All ASSI No column names in Trash and Find
214 maj P5 Wind NEW LgiRes incompatibility
51 bugs found.
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