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Author/Date Test 20 Big Error...
Carlos Rocha
13/04/2003 12:12am
With test 20, the menu disapeared, and I can't do nothing with scribe (Win32, codepage 1252 (Portugal-pt), Brasilian Language selected.
The version test 19 and lower works fine. Congratulations
13/04/2003 4:08am
It seems to be similar bug like the one i have in Czech translation...
13/04/2003 4:30am
This Scribe.lr8 file was missing in the download, so you've probably got an old version of the resource file.

I've fixed the download but the test number is still the same.

So please try test20 again (check it has Scribe.lr8 in the zip).
Carlos Rocha
14/04/2003 2:39pm
The problem was Scribe.lr8.
Now the menu apears, but there are some funny characters in accentuated ones (Calendário,...).
I tried to use LgiRes but it gives me an error:

Unhandled Exception

Call stack: