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Author/Date Display name for contacts in the "from" field
The gladiator
21/03/2006 12:37pm
When I receive emails from someone that is already in my contact list I would like to have displayed in the “from” field in the preview pane the last name (or first name + last name) I have associated with that contact.

Is it possible?
22/03/2006 9:46pm
This already happens by default for me. Can you show me the headers of an example email and the name/email of the contact record it should match with?

What version of Scribe?
the gladiator
22/03/2006 11:56pm
Thanks for your prompt reply.
F.y.i. I noticed that version 1.87 does work as I wish, version 1.88 doesn't. I'll send you tomorrow first thing, via email, what you're asking me and other stuff I checked.
The gladiator
27/04/2006 1:07pm
I confirm: neither ver. 1.88 nor 1.89 test1 seem to work as we were expecting while ver. 1.87 does. Am I doing something wrong or there is a bug ? Thanks
the gladiator
27/04/2006 4:46pm
I add some additional information that may help you:
ver 1.87: works nicely
ver 1.88: doesn't have the expected behaviour
ver 1.89: it does work if "from:" field displayed in the "Internet header" has the format:
it does NOT work if that field has the format:
"display name" <>

02/05/2006 3:29am
I responded via email.