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Author/Date iScribe feature request
S. Mawdsley
04/04/2006 10:47pm

I was wondering if you might consider adding a feature in combination with the "leave messages on the server" feature to allow for mail to be deleted after a certain number of days.

For instance, add a field titled:
delete mail after [__] days.

04/04/2006 10:58pm
I want that option too.
07/04/2006 1:36pm
and also an option to delete email from server when the trash folder is emptied?
it would make Scribe a perfect program!
09/04/2006 10:14pm
Yes, and another option: couldn't inScribe be changed to load/preview the NEWER messages first? For example, I have a mail account at work, on which I have purposely kept 100-odd messages, which don't interest me when I'm traveling. But when I run Scribe and choose to View the messages, it starts loading the older ones first, so I have to wait for that 100 message headers to be loaded until I see the latest ones.

When using and other web-based tools, those show the newer ones first.


10/04/2006 5:19pm
I want this, too ...

(had actually requested it already some time ago).

In addition, it would really be great if the downloaded mails could show up immediately, not only once the last one has been downloaded. I just came home from a 3-days absence, 60 msgs in the box, 15 minutes to wait until I could finally start to read the first of them ...

Yep, we poor dialup-users are diadvantaged in every respect :-( ;-)

19/04/2006 3:08pm
Chris: yes, exactly what I was experimenting now. I have to wait a few minutes while the messages arrive before I can begin reading them.

In The Bat!, they become available in the Inbox as they arrive, so I can go on reading them while the others are still arriving (But The Bat! is now past for me...)