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Author/Date Thanks for the new Linux version! Finally...
27/10/2023 6:04am
The only problems I've encountered were to install, set-up and learn how to use 2 mail boxes at once );

1. Launching ./scribe-linux-v3.2.AppImage in Kubuntu 22.04 fails with:
LFile::Open failed
        open(/tmp/.mount_scribetRlnC5/usr/bin/_write_test.txt,00000041) = -1
        errno=EROFS (Read-only file system)
Selecting Desktop based on lack of write permissions to install folder.

I extracted AppImage with --appimage-extract
./scribe-linux-v3.2.AppImage --appimage-extract

Then I moved all the files to a single folder and ./scribe started successfully.

2. Also, the downloaded SSL libraries refused to work and I symlinked them from my distribution (actually, I copied symlink from version 2.4.18 ); and renamed it

3. I also copied the whole "Resources" folder from version 2.4.18, renamed it to "resources" ); to get icons and the Dark Theme back.

Now everything works great! With 2 mail boxes that I really need at the moment. Thanks!

P.S.: As for sanity check ); there's something definitely wrong with the build. E.g., which, I assume, is the same (at least they are interchangeable) as the one in the version 2.4.18 but 3.4 times bigger in size.
27/10/2023 6:50pm
Another observation concerning size:

Scribe v2.4.18 file size 11.0 MiB, in memory - 40.6 MiB
Scribe v3.2.00 file size 50.2 MiB, in memory - 58.9 MiB

So, I guess, the new file is not compressed.
27/10/2023 9:15pm
That's what I thought too! But if you 7zip the appimage it's pretty much the same size. Uncompressed it's even worse. The appimage is compressed... I checked.
29/10/2023 5:21am
Yes, files of both versions may be compressed. But big difference in size remains.

Usually, static builds are times bigger than non-static ones. Just checked: ffmpeg-static is 3.4 times bigger in size than non-static one, both may be compressed, same size in memory, though.

04/11/2023 8:34pm
A number of the things you mention should be fixed in the v3.3 release that I've just uploaded.