i.Look magnifies the area of pixels under the mouse so you can easily see fine detail or examine things closely. But it also does a number of other useful things that I ended up tacking on to this application instead of having lots of separate downloads.


  • RGB under cursor in hex and decimal.
  • Current mouse position and offset from recent position.
  • Centered on the current mouse position.
  • Configurable zoom from 2x to 16x.
  • Optional grid lines.
  • Optional always on top.
  • Option to update every second.
  • Features:

  • Can search local disks and the local network with a wildcard pattern.
  • Network search looks in all open windows shares.
  • Double click a result to browse that location.
  • Shows size of file.
  • Can find printers by name on the network.
  • (Don't use in a corporate environment, you'll find all sorts of stuff you shouldn't be looking at)


  • Pretty fast.
  • Match word and case options.
  • Optional backup of original files.
  • Can limit input files with wildcards.
  • Free, unlike most of the other options.
  • Features:

  • Can handle heaps of thumbs even on Win 95, 98 and ME where there is a distinct lack of bitmap handles to do so.
  • Nice compact layout of thumbs.
  • Optional quality / speed tradeoff settings.
  • Supports major graphics formats.
  • Can open (in default viewer) and delete images.
  • Features:

  • Arbitary change a file's size tool. Useful for trucating garbage off the end of a file.
  • Tempo calculation tool, just click in time and it'll tell you the tempo.
  • Binary file compare.
  • Read/Write speed tester.
  • Samplitude TOC to Cdrdao TOC converter.
  • History/Download
    1.60 [Stable]

    • Added drag'n'drop capability to the thumb nail viewer.
    • Made the thumbnail layout smarter by leaving less whitespace around.
    • Fixed the rgb colour components display when in display depth other than 24.
    • Added mouse cursor position to the magnify tool. It also shows you to offset to the last position that the mouse was still for more than 3 seconds. Useful for measuring stuff on screen.
    1.50 [Stable]