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i.Mage is a simple graphics editor inspired by the late great Deluxe Paint II for Amiga and PC's. It doesn't try and do too much, just basic pixel editing, cropping, rotating and basic level adjustment. It handles 8-bit indexed graphics through to 16, 24 and 32 bpp true colour images as well (Has some support for loading 64-bit RGBA and CMYK tiff files as RGBA 32). The basic interface and fast load time make it useful for getting things done quickly. Source is available and if your interested enough you can add the features you need. Heres a general list of features:

Installation is simple, just run the setup executable. You may want to associate graphics files with i.Mage using the Tools -> Register File Types menu.

Uninstalling is a matter of un-associating files with i.Mage, by using the Tools -> Register File Types menu again. Select all the items, select Unregister and Ok. This will leave the associations with the various file types as blank. This means double clicking on a graphic will bring up the "Open with..." dialog until you reassociate the file types with an application. This is normally acheived by selecting the application in the "Open with..." dialog and switching on the "Always use this program to open this file" option.

Getting Started
You can either dive into the Usage Description or read up about the Tools.
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