Lgi Configuration
This page describes the Lgi configuration file. It allows the user to customize the options that the library supplies whether or not the application using the library gives you access to those options. Basically their are 3 things you can configure at the moment, the fonts, the language and the the colours. Eventually you'll be able to specify skinning options in this config file as well, but at the moment thats not implemented.

The syntax of the file is based around XML (pretty much the same concept as HTML), and as such it's a simple text file that you can create with any text editor. Just save a text file into the same directory as the application you want to configure calling the file 'lgi.conf' and the library will find and use it.

The options:

An example lgi.conf file (for a Win32 system):
		<font-system	face="georgia"
		<font-menu	face="georgia"
		<font-small	face="helvetica"

		<language	id=18>

		<colour-LC_SHADOW hex="422763">
		<colour-LC_LOW hex="7a54a9">
		<colour-LC_MED hex="bca9d4">
		<colour-LC_HIGH hex="ddd4e9">
		<colour-LC_LIGHT hex="ffffff">
		<colour-LC_WORKSPACE hex="ebe6f2">
		<colour-LC_TEXT hex="351f4f">
		<colour-LC_SELECTION hex="bf6793">
		<colour-LC_SEL_TEXT hex="ffffff">
		<colour-LC_ACTIVE_TITLE hex="703aec">
		<colour-LC_ACTIVE_TITLE_TEXT hex="ffffff">
		<colour-LC_INACTIVE_TITLE hex="808080">
		<colour-LC_INACTIVE_TITLE_TEXT hex="404040">