GFont.h File Reference

#include "string.h"
#include "GRect.h"
#include "LgiOsClasses.h"
#include "GLibrary.h"
#include "GLibraryUtils.h"
#include "GDisplayString.h"
#include "iconv.h"

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class  GTypeFace
 Font parameters collection. More...
class  GFont
 Font class. More...
class  GFontType
 Font type information and system font query tools. More...
class  GCharset
 Charset information class. More...
class  GCharsetSystem
 Charset table manager class. More...
class  GFontSystem
 Overall font system class. More...


#define FW_NORMAL   400
 The default font weight.
#define FW_BOLD   700
 Bold font weight.
 Default font quality.
 Specifically anti-aliased font.
 Specifically not anti-alias font.


enum  GCharSetType
 Charset definitions.


LgiFunc GCharsetLgiGetCsInfo (char *Cs)
 Returns information about a charset.
LgiFunc GCharsetLgiGetCsList ()
LgiFunc char * LgiDetectCharset (char *Utf8, int Len=-1, List< char > *Prefs=0)
 Returns the charset that best fits the input data.

Detailed Description

Matthew Allen

Function Documentation

LgiFunc char* LgiDetectCharset ( char *  Utf8,
int  Len = -1,
List< char > *  Prefs = 0 

Returns the charset that best fits the input data.

Utf8  The input text
Len  The byte length of the input text
Prefs  An optional list of prefered charsets to look through first

References GCharset::Charset, List< Type >::First(), GCharsetSystem::GetCsInfo(), List< Type >::Next(), and GCharset::UnicodeMap.

LgiFunc GCharset* LgiGetCsList (  ) 

Returns the start of an array of supported charsets, terminated by one with a NULL 'Charset' member.

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