GScripting.h File Reference

#include "GVariant.h"

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class  GScriptContext
 The base context class for scripting engines. More...
class  GScriptEngine
 A scripting engine interface. More...
class  GScriptEngine1
 Old interpreter scripting engine. More...
class  GScriptEngine2
 New compiler/byte code/VM scripting engine. More...


enum  GFuncType { NullFunc, HostFunc, ScriptFunc, ExternFunc }
 Various type of methods. More...

Detailed Description

Enumeration Type Documentation

enum GFuncType

Various type of methods.

NullFunc  No method type.
HostFunc  This method is provided by the hosting application.
ScriptFunc  This method is defined in the script itself.
ExternFunc  This method is defined in an external library.

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