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#define FLIP_X   1
 Flip surface on the X axis.
#define FLIP_Y   2
 Flip surface on the Y axis.


bool RemapDC (GSurface *pDC, GPalette *DestPal)
 Remap surface to new palette.
bool FlipDC (GSurface *pDC, int Dir)
 Flip surface on an axis.
bool IsGreyScale (GSurface *pDC)
 Return true if surface is greyscale.
GSurfaceGreyScaleDC (GSurface *pDC)
 Convert surface to greyscale.
bool InvertDC (GSurface *pDC)
 Invert the surface.
bool RotateDC (GSurface *pDC, double Angle)
 Rotate the surface.
bool FlipXDC (GSurface *pDC)
 Flip surface on the x axis.
bool FlipYDC (GSurface *pDC)
 Flip surface on the y axis.
bool ResampleDC (GSurface *pTo, GSurface *pFrom, Progress *Prog=0)
 Resample the surface to a new size.

Detailed Description

Matthew Allen

Function Documentation

bool FlipDC ( GSurface pDC,
int  Dir 

Flip surface on an axis.

pDC  The input surface
Dir  The axis, one of FLIP_X or FLIP_Y

References GSurface::Colour(), FLIP_X, FLIP_Y, GSurface::Get(), GSurface::Set(), GSurface::X(), and GSurface::Y().

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