Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
AddressDescriptorAddress dscriptor
DataDlgFieldUI <-> properties field
DataDlgToolsUI <-> properties mapping class
DLinkIteratorLinked list type interator for void pointers
DoEveryTimer class to help do something every so often
FileDescriptorAttachment descriptor
GAboutA simple about dialog
GAcceleratorEncapsulates a keyboard shortcut
GAlertA BeOS style alert window, kinda like a Win32 MessageBox
GAlphaAppAlpha blending applicators
GAnonPipeAnonymous pipe
GAppSingleton class for handling application wide settings and methods
GAppArgumentsOptional arguments to the GApp object
GAppInfoHolds information pertaining to an application
GApplicatorClass to draw onto a memory bitmap
GApplicatorFactoryCreates applications from parameters
GArray< Type >Growable type-safe array
GBitmapBitmap control
GBlitRegionsBlitting region helper class, can calculate the right source and dest rectangles for a blt operation including propagating clipping back to the source rect
GButtonA clickable button
GBytePipeData storage class
GCharsetCharset information class
GCharsetSystemCharset table manager class
GCodeExecutable statement
GColour32-bit colour button
GComboCombo Box widget
GCompiledCodeContainer of compiled byte code
GCompilerThis class compiles the source down to byte code
GCompilerPrivScripting language compiler implementation
GControlImplementation class
GCopyStreamerAPI to read from source and then write to a destination
GCssCss property container
GDataFolderIAn interface to a folder structure
GDataIterator< T >This class is an interface to a collection of objects (NOT thread-safe)
GDataPropIA generic interface for getting / setting properties
GDateTime::GDstInfoDaylight savings info record
GdcApp1515 bit rgb applicators
GdcApp1616 bit rgb applicators
GdcApp2424 bit rgb applicators
GdcApp3232 bit rgb applicators
GdcApp88 bit paletted applicators
GdcBmpWindows and OS/2 BMP file filter
GdcDeviceMain singleton graphics device class. Holds all global data for graphics rendering
GdcPt22d Point
GdcPt33d Point
GdcRGBRGB Colour
GDialogA top level dialog window
GDirectoryGeneric directory iterator
GDirImplAn implementation of GDirectory for the file system
GDisplayStringCache for text measuring, glyph substitution and painting
GDocApp< OptionsFmt >
GDocFindReplaceParamsFind params
GDocumentEnvAn environment class to handle requests from the text view to the outside world
GDocViewTextView class is a base for all text controls
GDomAPI for reading and writing properties in objects
GDragDropSourceA drag source class
GDragDropTargetA drag target class
GDropDownDrop down menu, UI widget for opening a popup
GEditAn edit box allowing the user to enter text
GEndOfLineRead a line
GFileGeneric file access class
GFileAssocA file type, with a list of associated actions
GFileAssocActionA single file association action
GFileSelectFile selector dialog
GFileSystemA singleton class for accessing the file system
GFilterViewFilter user interface using a tree structure
GFindDlgFind dialog
GFindReplaceCommonCommon find/replace window parameters
GFontFont class
GFontSelectA font selection dialog
GFontSystemOverall font system class
GFontTypeFont type information and system font query tools
GHashTbl< Key, Value >General hash table container for O(1) access to table data
GHtmlStaticCommon data for HTML related classes
GHtmlStaticInstStatic data setup/pulldown
GImageListA list of images/icons all the same size
GInetHeaderHeader class, holds a single header
GInlineBmpDefines a bitmap inline in C++ code
GItemBase class for items in widget containers
GItem::ItemPaintCtxPainting context
GItemEditThe popup label for GItem's
GKeyAll the information related to a keyboard event
GLayoutA GView with scroll bars
GLayoutCellA layout cell, not currently implemened
GLgiResResource loader
GLinePrefixStateful parser that matches the start of lines to the 'prefix'
GListList widget
GListColumnList view column
GListItemGItem for populating a GList
GListItemCheckBoxA checkbox suitable for a GListItem
GMeasureInfoClass for measuring the size of a GItem based object
GMemDCAn implemenation of GSurface to draw into a memory bitmap
GMemStreamIn memory stream for storing sub-streams or memory blocks
GMenuTop level window menu
GMenuItemAn item an a menu
GMouseAll the parameters of a mouse click event
GMouseHookMouse hook grabs mouse events from the OS
GNetworkSingleton class to initialize access to the network
GPaletteArray of RGB colours
GPopupA popup window: closes when the user clicks off-window
GPrintDCAn implemenation of GSurface to print to a printer
GPrinterClass to connect to a printer and start printing pages
GProcessA process wrapper class
GProgressProgress bar control
GProgressDlgProgress dialog
GProgressPaneProgress window pane, tracks one task
GProxyUriProxy settings lookup
GPullStreamerAPI to reads from source
GPushStreamerAPI to writes to a destination
GRectRectangle class
GReduceOptionsColour reduction options
GRegionA region is a list of non-overlapping rectangles that can describe any shape
GScreenDCAn implemenation of GSurface to draw onto the screen
GScriptContextThe base context class for scripting engines
GScriptEngineA scripting engine interface
GScriptEngine1Old interpreter scripting engine
GScriptEngine2New compiler/byte code/VM scripting engine
GScrollBarScroll bar control
GSemaphoreThread locking
GSharedMemoryShared memory wrapper class
GSocketImplementation of a network socket
GSplitterDisplays 2 views side by side
GStreamVirtual base class for a data source or sink
GStreamEndDefines an API for terminating a stream
GStreamerGeneric streaming operator
GStringPipeA version of GBytePipe for strings. Adds some special handling for strings
GSubMenuSub menu
GSurfaceBase class API for graphics operations
GSymLookupLookup the file/line information for an instruction pointer value
GTabViewA tab control that displays multiple pages of information in a small area
GTargetVirtual base class for receiving events
GTarParserTar file parser
GTarParser::GTarHdrThe actual file format
GTextA static text label widget
GTextView3Unicode text editor control
GTextView4Unicode text editor control
GTimeDropThis class is the list of times in a popup, it is used by GTimePopup
GTimeZoneTime zone information
GTokenA simple token parser
GToolBarA top level window toolbar
GToolButtonButton on a GToolBar
GToolTipPuts a tool tip on screen when the mouse wanders over a region
GTrayIconPut an icon in the system tray
GTreeA tree control
GTreeItemThe item class for a tree. This defines a node in the heirarchy
GTypeFaceFont parameters collection
GUiEventGeneral user interface event
GUriUri parser
GUtf8PtrPointer to utf-8 string
GUtf8StrUnicode string class. Allows traversing a utf-8 strings
GVariantA class that can be different types
GVarRef32bit variable reference, used to track where a variable is during compilation
GViewThe base class for all windows in the GUI
GViewFactoryFactory for creating view's by name
GViewFillFill colour definition
GVirtualMachineThis class is the VM for the byte language
GVolumeDescribes a volume connected to the system
GWindowA top level window
GXmlAttrXml attribute, a named value
GXmlTreeThe reader/writer for a tree of GXmlTag objects
IFileProtocolThe remote folder system interface├č
IFtpAn implementation of the remote file system interface for FTP connections
IFtpEntryRepresents a file or folder in the remote system├č
List< Type >Template for using DLinkList with a type safe API
MailProtocolBase class for mail protocol implementations
MailSinkMail sending protocol
MailSmtpSMTP implementation
MailSourceA generic mail source object
MailTransactionA bulk mail handling class
ProgressGeneric progress class, keeps track of how far through a task you are
RgbLut< T, Len >Build an RGB colour space conversion lookup table from 0 to max(T)
SystemFunctionsScripting engine system functions
WmColourA RGB colour
XmlXml document class
XmlTagXml element container
XmlValueXml attribute

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