GAlphaApp Member List

This is the complete list of members for GAlphaApp, including all inherited members.

Blt(GBmpMem *Src, GPalette *SPal, GBmpMem *SrcAlpha=0)=0GApplicator [pure virtual]
Get()GAlphaApp [inline, virtual]
GetBits()GApplicator [inline]
GetFlags()GApplicator [inline]
GetOp()GApplicator [inline]
GetPal()GApplicator [inline]
GetVar(int Var)GAlphaApp [inline, virtual]
IncPtr(int X, int Y)GAlphaApp [inline, virtual]
IncX()GAlphaApp [inline, virtual]
IncY()GAlphaApp [inline, virtual]
Rectangle(int x, int y)=0GApplicator [pure virtual]
Set()=0GApplicator [pure virtual]
SetOp(int o)GApplicator [inline]
SetPtr(int x, int y)GAlphaApp [inline, virtual]
SetSurface(GBmpMem *d, GPalette *p, GBmpMem *a)GAlphaApp [inline, virtual]
SetVar(int Var, int Value)GAlphaApp [inline, virtual]
VLine(int height)=0GApplicator [pure virtual]

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