GDataEventsI Member List

This is the complete list of members for GDataEventsI, including all inherited members.

GetLogger(GDataStoreI *store)GDataEventsI [inline, virtual]
GetOptions(bool Create=false)GDataEventsI [inline, virtual]
GetSystemPath(int Folder, GVariant &Path)GDataEventsI [inline, virtual]
Match(GDataStoreI *store, GDataPropI *Addr, int ObjectType, GArray< GDataI * > &Matches)GDataEventsI [inline, virtual]
OnChange(GArray< GDataI * > &items, int FieldHint)=0GDataEventsI [pure virtual]
OnDelete(GDataFolderI *parent, GArray< GDataI * > &items)=0GDataEventsI [pure virtual]
OnIntPropChange(GDataStoreI *store, int prop)GDataEventsI [inline, virtual]
OnMove(GDataFolderI *new_parent, GDataFolderI *old_parent, GArray< GDataI * > &items)=0GDataEventsI [pure virtual]
OnNew(GDataFolderI *parent, GArray< GDataI * > &new_items, int pos, bool is_new)=0GDataEventsI [pure virtual]
OnStrPropChange(GDataStoreI *store, int prop)GDataEventsI [inline, virtual]
Post(GDataStoreI *store, void *Param)GDataEventsI [inline, virtual]

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