GDataI Member List

This is the complete list of members for GDataI, including all inherited members.

Delete()=0GDataI [pure virtual]
GetDate(int id)GDataPropI [inline, virtual]
GetInt(int id)GDataPropI [inline, virtual]
GetList(int id)GDataPropI [inline, virtual]
GetObj(int id)GDataPropI [inline, virtual]
GetStore()=0GDataI [pure virtual]
GetStr(int id)GDataPropI [inline, virtual]
GetStream(char *file, int line)=0GDataI [pure virtual]
GetValue(char *Var, GVariant &Value)GDom
IsOnDisk()=0GDataI [pure virtual]
IsOrphan()=0GDataI [pure virtual]
operator=(GDataI &p)=0GDataI [pure virtual]
GDataPropI::operator=(GDataPropI &p)GDataPropI [inline, virtual]
Save(GDataI *Parent=0)=0GDataI [pure virtual]
SetDate(int id, GDateTime *i)GDataPropI [inline, virtual]
SetInt(int id, int i)GDataPropI [inline, virtual]
SetMime(GAutoPtr< GMime > m)GDataPropI [inline, virtual]
SetStr(int id, char *str)GDataPropI [inline, virtual]
SetStream(GAutoStreamI stream)GDataI [inline, virtual]
SetValue(char *Var, GVariant &Value)GDom
Size()=0GDataI [pure virtual]
Type()=0GDataI [pure virtual]

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