GDirImpl Member List

This is the complete list of members for GDirImpl, including all inherited members.

Clone()GDirImpl [virtual]
Close()GDirImpl [virtual]
ConvertToDate(char *Str, uint64 Time)GDirectory
ConvertToTime(char *Str, uint64 Time)GDirectory
First(char *Path, char *Pattern)GDirImpl [virtual]
GetAttributes()GDirImpl [virtual]
GetCreationTime()GDirImpl [virtual]
GetLastAccessTime()GDirImpl [virtual]
GetLastWriteTime()GDirImpl [virtual]
GetName()GDirImpl [virtual]
GetSize()GDirImpl [virtual]
GetType()GDirImpl [virtual]
GetUser(bool Group)GDirImpl [virtual]
IsDir()GDirImpl [virtual]
IsHidden()GDirImpl [virtual]
IsReadOnly()GDirImpl [virtual]
Next()GDirImpl [virtual]
Path(char *s, int len=-1)GDirImpl [virtual]

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