GDocumentEnv Member List

This is the complete list of members for GDocumentEnv, including all inherited members.

AppendItems(GSubMenu *Menu, int Base=1000)GDocumentEnv [inline, virtual]
GetContent(LoadJob *&j)GDocumentEnv [inline, virtual]
GSemaphore(char *name=0)GSemaphore
Lock(char *file, int line)GSemaphore
LockWithTimeout(int Timeout, char *file, int line)GSemaphore
OnCompileScript(char *Script, char *Language, char *MimeType)GDocumentEnv [inline, virtual]
OnDone(GThreadJob *j)GDocumentEnv
OnDynamicContent(char *Code)GDocumentEnv [inline, virtual]
OnExecuteScript(char *Script)GDocumentEnv [inline, virtual]
OnMenu(GDocView *View, int Id, void *Context)GDocumentEnv [inline, virtual]
OnNavigate(char *Uri)GDocumentEnv [inline, virtual]

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