GRegion Member List

This is the complete list of members for GRegion, including all inherited members.

Bound(GRect *b)GRegion
Dimension(int x, int y)GRect
Dimension(GRect *a)GRect
Intersection(GRect *a)GRect
Intersection(GRect *a, GRect *b)GRect
Near(int x, int y)GRect
Near(GRect &r)GRect
Offset(int x, int y)GRegion
GRect::Offset(GRect *a)GRect
operator OsRect()GRect [inline]
Overlap(GRect *b)GRegion
Overlap(int x, int y)GRegion
Set(int X1, int Y1, int X2, int Y2)GRect [inline]
SetStr(char *s)GRect
GRect::Size(int x, int y)GRect
GRect::Size(GRect *a)GRect
Union(GRect *a)GRegion
GRect::Union(int x, int y)GRect
GRect::Union(GRect *a, GRect *b)GRect
X()GRegion [inline]
Y()GRegion [inline]
ZOff(int x, int y)GRegion

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