GSocket Member List

This is the complete list of members for GSocket, including all inherited members.

Accept(GSocketI *c)GSocket [virtual]
CanAccept(int TimeoutMs=0)GSocket [virtual]
GStream::Clone()GStream [inline, virtual]
Close()GSocket [virtual]
Error(void *Param=0)GSocket [virtual]
GetLocalIp(char *IpAddr)GSocket [virtual]
GetLocalPort()GSocket [virtual]
GetPos()GSocket [inline, virtual]
GetRemoteIp(char *IpAddr)GSocket [virtual]
GetRemotePort()GSocket [virtual]
GetSize()GSocket [inline, virtual]
GetTimeout()GSocket [virtual]
GetUdp()GSocket [virtual]
GStream::GDom::GetValue(char *Var, GVariant &Value)GDom
GSocket(GStreamI *logger=0)GSocket
Handle(OsSocket Set=INVALID_SOCKET)GSocket [virtual]
IsBlocking()GSocket [virtual]
IsBlocking(bool block)GSocket [virtual]
IsDelayed()GSocket [virtual]
IsDelayed(bool Delay)GSocket [virtual]
IsOpen()GSocket [virtual]
IsReadable(int TimeoutMs=0)GSocket [virtual]
IsWritable(int TimeoutMs=0)GSocket [virtual]
Listen(int Port=0)GSocket [virtual]
OnDisconnect()GSocket [virtual]
OnError(int ErrorCode, char *ErrorDescription)GSocket [inline, virtual]
OnInformation(char *Str)GSocket [inline, virtual]
OnRead(char *Data, int Len)GSocket [inline, virtual]
OnWrite(char *Data, int Len)GSocket [inline, virtual]
Open(char *HostAddr, int Port)GSocket [virtual]
Print(char *Format,...)GStream [virtual]
Read(void *Data, int Len, int Flags=0)GSocket [virtual]
ReadUdp(void *Buffer, int Size, int Flags, uint32 *Ip=0, uint16 *Port=0)GSocket [virtual]
SetParameter(int Param, int Value)GSocket [inline]
SetPos(int64 Pos)GSocket [inline, virtual]
SetSize(int64 Size)GSocket [inline, virtual]
SetTimeout(int ms)GSocket [virtual]
SetUdp(bool b)GSocket [virtual]
GStream::GDom::SetValue(char *Var, GVariant &Value)GDom
Write(void *Data, int Len, int Flags=0)GSocket [virtual]
WriteUdp(void *Buffer, int Size, int Flags, uint32 Ip, uint16 Port)GSocket [virtual]

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