GSubMenu Member List

This is the complete list of members for GSubMenu, including all inherited members.

AppendItem(char *Str, int Id, bool Enabled=true, int Where=-1, char *Shortcut=0)GSubMenu
AppendSeparator(int Where=-1)GSubMenu
AppendSub(char *Str, int Where=-1)GSubMenu
FindItem(int Id)GSubMenu
FindSubMenu(int Id)GSubMenu
Float(GView *Parent, int x, int y, bool Left=false)GSubMenu
GetMenu()GSubMenu [inline]
GetParent()GSubMenu [inline]
GSubMenu(char *name=(char *)"", bool Popup=true)GSubMenu
Handle()GSubMenu [inline]
ItemAt(int i)GSubMenu
MenuGSubMenu [protected]
ParentGSubMenu [protected]
RemoveItem(int i)GSubMenu
RemoveItem(GMenuItem *Item)GSubMenu
WindowGSubMenu [protected]

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