IFtp Member List

This is the complete list of members for IFtp, including all inherited members.

Abort()IFtp [inline, virtual]
Close()IFtp [virtual]
CreateDir(char *Dir)IFtp [virtual]
DeleteDir(char *Dir)IFtp [virtual]
DeleteFile(char *Remote)IFtp [virtual]
DownloadFile(char *Local, IFtpEntry *Remote, bool Binary=true)IFtp [virtual]
GetCharset()IFtp [virtual]
GetDir(char *Dir)IFtp [virtual]
Handle()IFtp [inline, virtual]
IsForceActive()IFtp [inline, virtual]
IsForceActive(bool i)IFtp [inline, virtual]
IsOpen()IFtp [virtual]
ListDir(List< IFtpEntry > *Dir)IFtp [virtual]
Open(GSocketI *S, char *RemoteHost, int Port, char *User, char *Password)IFtp [virtual]
RenameFile(char *From, char *To)IFtp [virtual]
ResumeAt(int64 Pos)IFtp [virtual]
SetCharset(char *cs)IFtp [virtual]
SetDir(char *Dir)IFtp [virtual]
SetPerms(char *File, int Perms)IFtp [virtual]
SocketIFtp [protected]
UpDir()IFtp [virtual]
UploadFile(char *Local, char *Remote, bool Binary=true)IFtp [virtual]

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