MailSource Member List

This is the complete list of members for MailSource, including all inherited members.

Close()=0MailSource [pure virtual]
CloseSocket()MailProtocol [inline]
Delete(int Message)=0MailSource [pure virtual]
GetHeaders(int Message)=0MailSource [pure virtual]
GetMessages()=0MailSource [pure virtual]
GetSizes(GArray< int > &Sizes)MailSource [inline, virtual]
GetUid(int Message, char *Id)=0MailSource [pure virtual]
GetUidList(List< char > &Id)=0MailSource [pure virtual]
Open(GSocketI *S, char *RemoteHost, int Port, char *User, char *Password, char *&Cookie, int Flags=0)=0MailSource [pure virtual]
Receive(GArray< MailTransaction * > &Trans, MailCallbacks *Callbacks=0)=0MailSource [pure virtual]
SetProxy(char *Server, int Port)MailSource [inline, virtual]
Sizeof(int Message)=0MailSource [pure virtual]

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