LgiRes is an editor for the LGI resource library. Scribe is the first program to be translated using LGI's multi-language functions and file format, and the process of adding and editing translation's has been documented here. i.Ftp now also has some translations.


3.5.0 [Stable]
Download: Zip [Windows, 501K, 29/2/2012]

  • Fixed selecting a table view on the first click.
  • Fixed copy and pasting controls with single quotes in the text.
  • Removed redundant bitmap/icon/cursor groups.
  • Added CSS object type.
  • Fixed stray resize goobers on table view after deleting cells.
  • Added auto creation of #defines for controls.
3.4.0 [Stable]
Download: Zip [Windows, 458K, 11/5/2011]
1.92 [Stable]
Download: Installer [Windows, 449K, 25/2/2010]
1.91 [Stable]
Download: Installer [Windows, 443K, 18/1/2010]
1.90 [Stable]
Download: Installer [Windows, 429K, 14/5/2009]
1.89 [Stable]
Download: Zip [Windows, 406K, 10/7/2007]
1.88 [Stable]
1.87 [Stable]
1.86 [Stable]
1.85 [Stable]
1.81 [Stable]
1.80 [Unstable]
1.70 [Stable]
1.61 [Stable]
1.60 [Stable]
1.51 [Stable]
1.50 [Stable]
1.40 [Stable]