No Progress This Week
Date: 24/11/2006
Well I have got nothing done on the coding front this week. Mostly due to a bad recurrence of RSI because the kids have been keeping us from getting any quality sleep. No sleep = no recovery from the day's activities.

Also on top of that I've had a number of good things happen this week. An old guitar amp that got stolen 7 years ago turned up on ebay last week and I spent a lot of time getting together the evidence that I owned it and presenting it to the Police. In the end I did get the amp back, but had to pay some money for it, a lot less than it was worth so I end up ahead.

And also I bought a scooter to get around on after I sold my car 2 weeks ago. I have my next license test in what, like 10 days from now so I'm practicing riding like mad. It almost rained on me today and I'm not quite ready for riding in the wet, both from a gear perspective and a skills perspective. But at the end of the day it'll be a lot cheaper to run than a car which means our little family will have more left over for worth while things like renovating the house and putting the kids into a decent school.

Hopefully next week we'll see some final touches on Scribe test8 and a release.
24/11/2006 12:23pm
I'm curious - How did you come across your guitar amp on eBay, how did you know it was yours, and how did you prove it to the police? Also, what happened to the person who put it up on eBay?
25/11/2006 9:53am
There were 4 identifable things:
- missing peavey logo
- scratch on the metal "classic 30" badge
- gaff on the handle
- broken power switch

I recognised all those and collected my evidence. I had some photos of me with the amp where you could see the 1st two things in the list clearly. I found the original receipt from 1994, the police report from when it was stolen and I showed that the amp was modified internally. The extention speaker jack was modified to cut the internal speaker out. I demo'd that to the seller and Police at the station.

I found it because I was looking for a lower wattage tube amp to use at home for recording. And I had been considering getting another Classic 30, I knew they were good from owning my one. And so I was looking on ebay. As you do :)

The seller and I decided on an amicable agreement so that we didn't end up in civil court procedings. He bought the amp from a store as well, so I paid him out half of his purchase price and the recent repair. It wasn't the best solution but in the end he'd rather that than have stolen gear associated with his name. And I felt compassion for his situation and had the money in hand because I sold the car... so I was nice.
28/11/2006 10:36pm
Sweet Scooter! Good luck with the license test.
29/11/2006 3:57pm
Two wheels good, four wheels bad. Scooters rule!
18/12/2006 1:54am
Show how did the test go and how's the scooter going?
18/12/2006 4:33am
Oh yeah, pretty good. Passed without making any mistakes. I thought it would be harder but it's too easy on a scooter. Some of the other guys on big road bikes were finding it really difficult. The scoot has a good turning circle, is nice and light and fully automatic so I had no issues. I was supposed to modulate the speed in slow turns using the rear brake but I found it easier/more fun to use the throttle instead ;)

So now I'm scooting around everywhere. Mostly I need to remember that I should keep my full attention on things. I have so much experience driving a car that I tend to let my mind wander while driving, thinking about this and that, because I can still do all the functions of driving in the background. Whereas on a scooter I need to be focused on the driving task because I'm not experienced enough yet. I keep reminding myself to do things correctly rather than be lazy, because I need to set up the right habits now rather than unlearn them later. Things like turning and stopping, there are proper ways of doing it, for good safety.

I'm a little disappointed with the economy, I'm only getting 4lt/100km. I thought it would be better. Maybe it'll improve when I get it serviced at 1000km and the engine is a little looser.

20/12/2006 9:27pm
From what I've read about scooters the economy should improve after the 100km service. Though I wouldn't expect you'll get much under 3.5l/100km or so even then. I wouldn't complain though, its like 1/3-1/4 of the Subaru! Most of the trips you're doing are probably stop start as well.
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