Date: 17/10/2007
The Scribe page has dropped off Google.

It was listed on the 2nd page of results for "email client" but now it's not in the results at all. Not further down the results, completely not present. There is also a strong correlation between the change in Google ranking and a complete stop in InScribe sales.

Oh well. There goes that business plan.

The page hasn't changed in any significant way, and considering the inbound links to it, should still rank well. So I'm assuming Google is punishing me for some perceived slight, although I have no idea what.

Update: It seems that the wikipedia page on i.Scribe/InScribe has been deleted and I would hazard a guess that it doesn't help your Google ranking when that happens. Are there any wikipedians out there that could create a deletion safe page for i.Scribe/InScribe?

The text that was there for Scribe on wikipedia: 'Scribe' is a small and lightweight Email Program for Windows and Linux which first appeared as Freeware in 1999 and has been updated roughly once a month ever since. Previous versions ran on Beos as well. Scribe now comes in a freeware version: i.Scribe and a commercial version: InScribe. The commercial version adds multiple accounts and multiple user defined filters.

Scribe uses all the standard mail protocols, like POP, SMTP and IMAP and has various plugins that can add SSL, LDAP and spell checking support. It has a built in HTML viewer that is virus safe. Executable attachments are detected and optionally deleted. Scribe can be installed on removable media like USB keys so that you can carry around your mail between computers. Translators have added translations to many popular european and east asian languages. Scribe has very evolved Charset support and can display text correctly even if the Glyphs are not available in the current Font.

While Scribe itself is not open source, it is built on a LGPL porting layer (by the same company) that comprises about half of the final product.
18/10/2007 12:43am
But if you search "small email client".... you're at the top of the list.

Great program!
19/10/2007 6:54pm
If you search "inscribe" you are 6th not bad for a generic term :-)

"fast email client" 4th

I'm sure the business plan will still come through :-)

Great program
21/10/2007 11:04am
... and a complete stop in InScribe sales.

Oh no! Why?
I'm sure that Scribe is the BEST email client you can get - especially for using it on memory-sticks. And I tried sooo many. The price is fair.

People! Buy the full version!

Matthew - how can we help?

Don't be sad, matthew - you are my hero ;-)

from germany
21/10/2007 11:16am

I tried to find Scribe or InScribe or i.Scribe on
There is a "comparison of e-mail clients" (
and Scribe is in the list, but there is no article for it.

Maybe you should write something about it in wikipedia?

If you have done this I will add an article in the german version of wikipedia (there is nothing to find about Scribe).

21/10/2007 8:40pm
Is WAS on wikipedia, but someone deleted it. I fail to understand what was wrong with the article, as nothing it said was incorrect or spammy.

Maybe someone else should recreate it according to their "rules".
19/11/2007 12:38pm
You have good results in search.
Actually it is really hard to get such positions, a great work must have been done to achieve your results.
21/04/2011 7:09pm
I use the Bat with spell check built in. It's very comfortable.
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