Res is a little windows command line utility to report the current screen resolution and refresh and optionally change it to something else. If you attempt to change it to the current mode it does nothing, so it can be used in your startup folder. The source code is included in the download and is covered under the LGPL license.

The parameters for the command are:

The output on my machine looks like this:

Memecode Res v1.00

Current Desktop Resolution: 1280 x 1024 @ 32 bits per pixel, refresh=60hz.

Device[0] is 'NVIDIA Quadro FX 1000' (\\.\DISPLAY1)
        Attached monitor is 'Plug and Play Monitor' (\\.\DISPLAY1\Monitor0)
        Current mode: 1280 x 1024 @ 32 bit per pixel, refresh 60 hz.
Device[1] is 'NetMeeting driver' (\\.\DISPLAYV1)
Device[2] is 'RDPDD Chained DD' (\\.\DISPLAYV2)

Usage: res -x <width> -y <height> -bpp <bits_per_pixel> -refresh <refresh_rate> [-device <index>]

Example: res -x 1280 -y 1024 -bpp 32 -refresh 75


Version: v1.00 [Stable]


1.00 [Stable]

Initial release:
  • List screen modes.
  • Set screen mode via command line.