Scribe LAN Install
This is a little guide to describe how to setup i.Scribe or InScribe for multiple users on a LAN. Each user has their own settings and folder file, but shares the same executable.

To start with lets assume that the everyone has their H: drive mapped to the same place on the file server. Firstly setup a standard Scribe install in H:\Scribe and give all users read only access to that directory.

Then for each user you create a directory in H: for their options and folder file. Lets take a user "John" for example, who has read/write access to the directory H:\John. On John's desktop or start menu the administrator would create a shortcut with the following command:

Target: "H:\Scribe\Scribe.exe" /oH:\John\scribe.r
The administrator should run the shortcut and create the folder file "H:\John\Folders.mail2". After which the install for John is complete.

Global plugins can be installed under H:\Scribe as per a normal Scribe install.

Administrators can set overriding options by creating a text file "H:\Scribe\lgi.conf" which of course the users can't edit because they only have read only access to H:\Scribe.

The options available are:
Specify an admin password. Where 'password' is generated by the command line admin password generator tool. You will need to provide users with read access to the lgi.conf file for these features to work, thus there can't be a clear text password here.
Specify an action to take when the application is closed. This parameter is ignored if the OS itself is shutting down so that Scribe doesn't hang up the shutdown.

Available options for 'action' are:

  • compact - deletes the trash folders contents and compacts.
  • minimize - instead of exiting, minimize. Override with Ctrl + File->Exit.
Set admin only privledges for read and/or write access to the account settings. The available settings for 'level' are:
  • 'user' - user password required.
  • 'admin' - admin password required.
Set privledges for read and/or write access on specific folders. 'path' should be something like '\Inbox\Notices'.
As well as any of the other lgi.conf settings.