Ldap Server
This plugin for Scribe allows you to share your contacts with other people over an LDAP connection. So for instance one person in an organisation can keep track of all the Contacts and the other people just get that information from the central source.

Currently it only works enough to return results to Scribes simple LDAP client, but it's a start.

The server returns the fields:


Download from the appropriate sub-folder:

  • Returns list of Contacts to the Scribe LDAP client.
  • Allows simple listing of contacts for LDAP browsing. All the contacts are 'uid=...' entries off the base node.
Currently the server is very limited. It doesn't supports only 2 search types that the LDAP protocol defines. Also I can't release this until the next Scribe release because of a bug in the shared container libraries.

I havn't implemented any authentication yet, so be aware that anyone can see your contacts (if you care).

The ldap proxy that I've included with the release is really a debugging tool, what it does is sits between the client and server, which you have to specify in the properties for the proxy, and logs all the messages. Dumping each message in hex or my BER descriptions depending on the setting. To set it up, load the LDAP client, set it to 'localhost' etc. Then load the proxy and point it to the actual LDAP server, give it a file to log to and set BER on (it's easier to read, trust me). Then attempt to download your contacts off the LDAP server. Then exit scribe and check the log file for whatever. For furthur information about the protocol check the LDAP rfc.