Groupware Server
This server allows InScribe users to share their Calendars, access a global Contacts list (LDAP+Calendar), send and receive email (POP+SMTP) and chat through public folders (IMAP).

While we are perfecting the system, the software is free to use. When we reach v1.0 there will be a nominal licence fee for the server probably in the order of US$50.

Please download, install and try the server out. If you have any problems create a Bug Report and we'll fix it promptly.

Version: v0.83 [Alpha]
The Server: The Client:
0.83 [Alpha]
Download: Installer [Windows, 333K, 30/11/2005]

  • IMAP/Public Folders fixes.
0.82 [Alpha]
Download: Installer [Windows, 331K, 24/11/2005]
0.81 [Alpha]
Download: Installer [Windows, 328K, 23/11/2005]
0.80 [Alpha]
Download: Installer [Windows, 329K, 22/11/2005]
0.70 [Alpha]
0.60 [Alpha]
0.50 [Alpha]
0.40 [Alpha]
0.30 [Alpha]
0.20 [Alpha]
0.15 [Alpha]
0.10 [Alpha]