If you are using Scribe v1.89-test7 or later then you don't need this plugin. Just unpack the OpenSSL DLL's in the Scribe folder and use the built SSL option's in the receive/send tabs.

An SSL plugin for Scribe using OpenSSL.

To start using the plugin, first install OpenSSL if it's not already on your machine. Follow these links to find downloads:

Then download and decompress the Scribe SSL plugin to Scribe's folder. Once thats done, from Scribe's menu, open the File -> Plugins window and add the SSL plugin. Then open the options for the account you want to connect over SSL and under the connection tab click on "SSL".

The ports do NOT automatically map to their SSL counterparts, so you have to override that behaviour by explicited specifing the port in the account properties for sending mail:

For [some] SMTP:
host:465 / host:587
(you may have to look up which port your server uses)

For POP:

Where 'host' is your mail server.

Performance might not be anything special, but it should work ok for sites that don't require a client certificate (most of them?).

If you want more specific information about setting up Scribe with gmail then check out the gmail tutorial.

If your having trouble getting the SSL dll's for windows that work with this plugin I've put them here [451kb]. Just unzip them in the same folder as 'scribe.exe' and the plugin will find them.


Download from the appropriate sub-folder:
Portable OpenSSL
If you take Scribe with you on a removable disk like a USB key or external HD you don't want to have to install OpenSSL on each host computer that you use. With the release of v0.4 of the SSL plugin you can install the required parts of OpenSSL into the same folder as Scribe.exe and the plugin will find and use them. This allows you to install OpenSSL along side Scribe and take it with you.

The files that need to be in the same folder as 'Scribe.exe' are:

The OpenSSL installer puts them in your system directory, which on modern windows is C:\Windows\System32. Or you can just download them direct.
0.51 [Stable]

  • Fixed meaningless error at the end of the log when sending with gmail.
0.50 [Stable]
0.40 [Stable]
0.30 [Stable]
0.20 [Unstable]
0.11 [Alpha]
0.10 [Alpha]