Scribe - Block Senders

Script: Block Senders

Works with Scribe v2.1.35 and later.

Download: Block Senders.script (right click "Save As")

Install: save to the Scripts sub folder in your Scribe install.

Usage: The script will put a new icon in your toolbar called "Block Sender". If you want to block a sender, select one or more email in the list view, and click the Block Sender button. This will create or find a filter called "Block Sender" and add the email address in the From field to the list of conditions. The action for the filter is to delete any incomming email.

Removing email from the block senders filter is done by openning the "Block Senders" filter in the Filters sub-folder, clicking the conditions tab, and then clicking the "X" button for the email address you want to receive from again. Obviously then save the modified Filter.