Scribe - Debugging Hangs

Debugging Hangs in Scribe

When software hangs, it's usually because it got stuck in a loop doing something when it should have exited the loop. To find out where in the source code the software has hung you need to inspect the stack while the software is hung.

You'll need a debug copy of Scribe, so that Process Explorer can report accurate symbol information. The current list of debug builds available are: Also you'll need some software from SysInternals called "Process Explorer". So if you don't already have that install, get a copy from here.

Once that is installed and running. open Scribe and get it to hang. Once it has stopped responding, switch over to Process Explorer and find the Scribe process in the main list.

Then right click on that and select "Properties", then find the "Threads" tab.

For each of those threads, select the thread and click "Stack":

Click "Copy" and paste that somewhere. Now select the next thread and click "Stack" and then "Copy" for that one etc etc. Once you have collected all the stacks from each thread, send the whole lot to me and I'll have a look at whats going on in the code. Hopefully that'll tell me enough information to find the bug and fix it.

Please also note which thread is using lots of CPU. The list of threads has a column with CPU usage. At least one of them should be quite high. Although some hangs don't use lots of CPU. But it's good to know if it is doing that.