Scribe v1.86
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I've decided to mark test44 as the final release in this version. It seems to get the job done most of the time. And really the current developement build (i.e. test45) is starting to have too many changes to be the same version. Likely it's going to be less stable then test44 so I'll make it v1.87 and end the v1.86 run of tests here.

Final (Test44) Changes:

Test43 Changes:

Test42 Changes:

Test41 Changes:

Test40 Changes:

Test39 Changes:

Test38 Changes:

Test37 Changes:

Test36 Changes (The "Why why why do I forget things" release):

Test35 Changes:

Test34 Changes:

Test33 Changes:

Test32 Changes:

Test31 Changes:

Test30 Changes:

Test29 Changes: Test28 Changes:

Test27 Changes:

Test26 Changes:

Test25 Changes:

Test24 Changes:

Test23 Changes:

Test22 Changes:

Test21 Changes:

Test20 Changes:

Test19 Changes:

Test18 Changes:

Test17 Changes:

Test16 Changes:

Test15 Changes:

Test14 Changes:

Test13 Changes:

Test13 Changes:

Test12 Changes:

Test11 Changes:

Test10 Changes:

Test9 Changes:

Test8 Changes:

Test7 Changes:

Test6 Changes:

Test5 Changes: