Scribe v1.78
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This version has some milestone changes under the hood, primarily the port to UTF-8 throught the LGI api's. So this version will possibly exhibit worse stability than the last. However it will hopefully be significantly better, especially at decoding mail which was broken for some types of input in the last build. Also the charset support should be a lot better outside the editor, for example the list control and folder names etc. If you are interested in seeing charsets other then utf, windows-125x and iso-8859-x then you will need to get the iconv dll. Charset support is significantly better under Windows NT/2k/XP because of the native Unicode support. 8bit single char charset are fully supported in Windows 95/98/ME directly, and display of Unicode is supported in some areas. Also the outgoing codepage is stuck in utf-8 for this build, I will fix this soon, but in the meantime most modern mailers will accept utf-8.