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Morana Revel
03/03/2003 4:29am
Can you configure IScribe to get mail from a hotmail account?

I know if OE and Incredimail and a few others you can do this. Does it take an extra plugin?

03/03/2003 1:44pm

No you cant :-) But what I do is, I use the foxhot.exe program which comes with Foxmail, and acts as a pop3/smtp server between any mail software and scribe. You can download the Foxmail software and use it stand alone, i think only the foxhot.exe file is needed :)
Morana Revel
04/03/2003 6:34am
Do you have a download link for the foxhot.exe?

04/03/2003 7:41am
Try here.

Morana Revel
09/03/2003 6:54am
How do I add the foxhot.exe in as part of IScribe? Will it auto load/run?

Can IScribe be compressed enough to run off of a disk with this add-in included?