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09/03/2003 9:29pm
I admit that I don't really understand how the reply.xml file works, but I created one with the following text:

---------- Original Message ----------
To: <[0].name> (<[0].email>)
From: <> (<>)
Subject: <mail.subject>
Date: <mail.datesent>

<mail.body quote="> ">

Now, when I reply to a message, the reply works beautifully. But when I create a new message, it contains:

---------- Original Message ----------
To: ()
From: ()

Which is obviously no good. How can I fix this so that I only get the Original message text in a reply, and not a new message?

10/03/2003 6:17am
in options > identity > signature XML >check the name or the content of file.
10/03/2003 1:44pm
It's definitely pointing to the right file.
10/03/2003 5:44pm
It sounds like your signature is set to the same replyxml.txt file that your reply is set to.

The signature file should be different, and doesn't share the same XML field system (yet - it's about to change) that the reply format does.

Check your sig...