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27/03/2002 7:14am
Will there ever be a better way to read HTML e-mails? Not having HTML makes it alot speedier but most of my newsletters are in HTML format and having the possibility to read it from within i.scribe would make it ALOT easier to go through them.

Having IE read them is not a good solution though, since it would make it too slow, but a homemade 'lite' HTML reader would be sufficient and eliminate the risk for malicious vbscripts executing etc.

One minimal suggestion would be to have it atleast have the "HTML" tab auto select if there is no text in the "Text" tab.
Matthew Allen
27/03/2002 7:34am
I've been meaning to get around to making a lite HTML viewer.. just basic formatting and so on but it's hard finding time to do it.

It can be written as a plugin like the IE one. So it's separate to the main app and can even be written by someone else.

I looked into the other HTML plugins out there but the only one with promise was Mozilla's gecko. There are a few that you have to pay for which is obviously not an option.

One that I would like to investigate more is the KHTML control. But that requires porting and may have licence issues.

Thanks for the input though.
28/03/2002 8:22am
I prefer to keep email clean without html code in it. If html should become part of the package, please add a "save without html" option.
30/03/2002 11:51am
I just want to be able to read my newsletters without having to start an external browser. Typing formatted I have no need for, i.scribe is pure speed and writing formatted text really doesn't belong in there IMO.
01/04/2002 7:24am
personally, the the idea of using gecko sounds great to me - anything that reduces my dependence on M$ appz the better.

I think I'd prefer it as a plugin though, as the nice thing about inscribe is the small footprint and embedded gecko would bloat it out a bit.

I guess now that Mozilla is almost at version 1 - the code will be stable enough to use as an embedded editor?

02/04/2002 9:16am

I'm using 1.62, and the HTML tab is automatically selected when I open an email with HTML. I never have to open an external browser to view the message. Are you sure your HTML plugin is installed correctly?
23/04/2002 2:11am
I'd prefer to see either the plain text of the HTML mail, or if that's no good the raw HTML would be great. I don't *want* HTML mail - it's pointless :P
23/04/2002 2:35am
Golly, I'm dumb. The HTML plugin (included with my slightly dated version of iScribe) does exactly what I was looking for.
Brown Sugar
10/06/2002 4:18pm
How come when I click on the Launch HMTL button, nothing happens?

I like that the message is in plain text with the links underlined and all that, but what does the Launch button do? I know that I can launch the links by right clicking; so, that's not an issue. I'm just curious about said button.
10/06/2002 7:30pm
It's supposed to open the attached HTML version of the message in the default web browser on your computer. So if it's not working then it's probably because of a bug in Scribe or there is no default browser.