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Author/Date Test20: Send toolbar button not working?
22/04/2003 6:45pm
In i.Scribe Test 20, the "Send" toolbar button isn't working. After being clicked, it doesn't momentarily turn disabled (like Receive does). No email in the Outbox is sent; there isn't any network activity.

But, if I right click the server in the Accounts pane and click Send, the email is sent successfully.
22/04/2003 8:21pm
Thats correct, it's a bug in test20.

I have fixed that already and it should work in the next build.

Thanks anyway for reporting it.
22/04/2003 9:27pm
I'll await the next build. Thanks!
24/04/2003 2:59am
The fix for this is now online :)

See test21