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Author/Date Test 20 Preview Mail on Server
23/04/2003 8:47am
When previewing and selecting Download then OK
Mail downloads OK,
Mail remains on server
my Preference is to delete after download
(leave messages on server is unchecked)

Delete in Preview and regular receive works OK.
23/04/2003 7:09pm
This is by design. When it says "Download" is means, just "Download". I'm planning to add a "Download and Delete" option in the near future, but it's currently not there yet.

24/04/2003 2:58am
This has been fixed in the latest (test21).

You have the option of downloading AND/OR deleting the messages, via 2 checkboxes.

You can set multiple items and set them all at the same time if you want. Just like with the old buttons.
24/04/2003 2:14pm
This works for me.
I like the and/or option for full control.