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06/04/2002 2:45am
Is there anything planned for a Linux version of Iscribe?

06/04/2002 4:47pm
There already is a linux version. It just isn't finished.
Michiel van Es
07/04/2002 4:37pm
that's my question..when is a FINAL release being planned?

07/04/2002 6:51pm
Ah ok.

Um, well I've kinda got sidetracked but I do plan to get back to it.

I don't know when though.
28/04/2002 1:54am
get with it if u wanna own the linux comunity:)
04/05/2002 11:42am
This would be one of the most important features, and biggest sellers.

Although Linux has many superb mail clients, there is no good stable cross-platform client.

Huge amounts of people have dual boot systems these days, and having to reboot into another environment to check mail is ridiculous.

For anyone with more than a handful of mail accounts, InScribe would be the ultimate solution to share mail so that it doesn't matter what OS you're in, mail is always there.