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Author/Date Wrong color in 16bit...
06/05/2003 8:49am
Somting's wrong with tool bar colors, in 16 bits colors...
In 32bits, all its ok...
07/05/2003 1:47am
Win32 or Linux?

(On Linux I think I fixed this since the last release).
07/05/2003 11:57pm
Win Nt 2000 Pro...
16/06/2003 9:02pm
ok ! in 16 bit color icon's color it's ok,
but, in 256 color, all look very bad....

wrrreecchhh !

Like big white square (no picture icon for some one) ?!?!
16/06/2003 9:11pm
I don't offically support 8bit colour as every modern computer I've ever seen runs in high or true colour.

However I have written some code to at least approximate things for 8bit mode. Maybe thats been broken somewhere along the way. I'll have a look at it when I get some time.