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Neil Robins
01/06/2003 7:56am
Latest versions of i.Scribe and i.Ftp seem to have different versions of the file I can only make a symbolic link in /usr/lib for one file but when I do this the app associated with that particular version works, but the other does not, i.e., if I link the i.Scribe, then i.Scribe works but i.Ftp does not, and if I link the i.Ftp, then i.Ftp works but i.Scribe does not. Can we have a version of that works with both, or is there another way around this?
01/06/2003 1:10pm
I think iFTP is using an older build of the library, so Matt would need to release a new version that links against the latest lgi libary.
01/06/2003 6:53pm
I'm working towards binary compatibility, but I'm not there yet. For the most part, a simple recompile is all that is necessary.

i.Ftp is fully open source, so I'll make a "source" distribution for those who want to compile it up from scratch.
Neil Robins
02/06/2003 6:11am
Thanks to you both. Will "watch this space", as they say.