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Author/Date another new message shortcut?
22/08/2003 1:26pm
I know of the CTRL-N new message shortcut.

Would it be easy to allow a user to double left click on dead space like the window background of the folder list or whereever to open up a new message?

I seem to remember one email client I used to use had that option. Maybe it was *utlook Express heh!

22/08/2003 6:12pm
Thats highly un-intuitive, no body would expect that.

So I'm not going to implement that (although it's easy to do).

I like intuitive UI...
27/08/2003 7:21pm
fair enough, was jsut a suggestion. I was just pointing it out since some people might be more likely to switch to InScribe if some commonly used shortcuts of their old client are made available in InScribe such as the double left click on nothing for a new message.

It took me a while to break that double click for a new message habit when I switched to InScribe.