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Author/Date Litle probleme in reply !
02/09/2003 4:59pm
Hey Fret !!! Good job in that version !

I dont see any probleme for now, except one:
When i open a mail whit accent "", this caracter turn to "?"
02/09/2003 7:12pm
In the "Internet Headers" tab of that email what was the Content-Type value? Particularly the "charset" part of it.
29/10/2003 2:55pm
I have a similar problem. All characters are fine when I read or write new mail, but every time I reply, the quoted text has all 'special' characters replaced with ?'s (mainly and ).

I'm using v1.86 Test42 on Windows. The content type of the received message (which reads fine) is text/plain; charset="iso-8859-1"
29/10/2003 4:42pm
Which OS are you running?
29/10/2003 11:59pm
Windows 2003 server