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18/09/2003 2:17pm
could you add a 'to:' column to items in the sent message folder? a 'from:' column is more or less pointless :P
18/09/2003 7:02pm
Open the sent folder, right click on the list headings and you'll get a list of fields, and by clicking on the entries you can add and delete fields. Then to reorder the fields, use drag and drop.
19/09/2003 4:29am
Maybe we could have the "To" column visible (instead of the "From" column) as default in the Outbox and Sent folders. Just a suggestion... :)
20/09/2003 4:16am
It used to be like that!

But it must have been lost in some other change I did. Oh well I'll go back and make sure they are the right defaults again.
20/09/2003 6:44am
Ah. Didn't know that was there. Thanks. :)