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Carlos Rocha
26/11/2003 6:58am
I downloaded LDAP Server and Client plugins. How do I setup them?
26/11/2003 7:02am
The client usually works when you put the server name in. For some corperate networks you need a DN, but for the scribe LDAP server you just leave it blank.

The LDAP server has no properties.

Load both the plugins and set the client to "localhost" if you want to test connecting to yourself.

Create a new email, click "..." and you should see an LDAP tab in the Account Properties window.
Carlos Rocha
26/11/2003 9:52am
I did all you said, but its says "Re-attempting connection".
I posted a message in Plugins forum about an error while setup plugins...maybe...could that be the reason?
Sorry, i'm really a noobie in this matter...
Carlos Rocha
26/11/2003 9:53am
oops. The message is in Scribe Forum...
26/11/2003 5:33pm
That message is just put there while the LDAP client is actively trying to connect. Give it 20-30 seconds and try again, you might then see "Loading list..." which means it's downloading the list of Contacts and then sometime after that you get your LDAP contacts.

The status messages don't change unless you close the add contact window and reopen it.