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Author/Date Filtering is not working
17/01/2004 1:54am

I have set about 4 filter conditions, I have used the same ones in previous programs and it has always worked. I am getting all email in the inbox, not in the folders I want them to go to.

I thought maybe it was case sensitive so I am trying to also use "or" and can't quite see how it works when there is only 1 condition to deal with. I don't see 5 clearly understandable fields such as:

If [Field Anywhere] [Field contains] [Field A] [Field or] [Field B]
Don Scott
18/01/2004 10:30pm
I'm having the same problem I think.. Tho only the first filter in my list ever works.. If I move another one up into the first position, then that one works, and no others..
18/01/2004 10:56pm
You have read the limitations of i.Scribe (the freeware version) havn't you?

i.e. that only one filter is "active" letting you trial the feature. The full filters implementation is in InScribe.

This is displayed in the filter list by greying out all filters but the one that will run.

If you are using InScribe then maybe I'll need to help get things sorted out, email me and I'll respond directly.
20/01/2004 6:16pm
Is that true that filtering is disabled but for the first listed filter in i.Scribe. I read about i.Scribe in a freeware forum and like it alot but it said there it was true freeware and not crippled. If filtering is not working beyond the first filter can I get confirmation here so I can inform the newsgroup that i.Scribe is crippleware. Thanks.
20/01/2004 6:24pm
It never had filtering at all for most of it's life. But people kept asking about it.. before purchasing InScribe they wanted to know how it worked. So to shut them up I setup one filter for them to play with. Obviously I can't make everyone happy at the same time. But as a special one time offer to you I can remove the whole filtering module like it was before... then it can be true "freeware" again.

You could argue that having only one account is "crippling" the software too. Seeing as a similar products have more than one.

Btw the filtering is never mentioned as an i.Scribe feature as far as I know.
20/01/2004 7:16pm
Thankyou for your quick response. Crippleware is a term used for free software that has functionality reduced to bait a shareware version. So yes in such a correct sense both the single account and filter limitations are cripples. This would not be so if InScribe (InS) and i.Scribe (i.S) were based on entirely separate code but I suspect this is not the case and i.S is just truly a crippled InS.

i.S has filtering and default installs with a filter folder and so filtering is a feature whether mentioned or not. The Filtering chapter of the help file mentions neither i.S nor InS but just the generic Scribe. The Features chapter notes that filtering is InS only but this ofcourse is in error. Thankyou for the clarification.
21/01/2004 9:45am
I suggest i.scribe have ads integrated into the program. I wouldn't mind them if they are in exchange for a free version. Both parties are happy then.

If I am going to have to pay, I might as well pay for beefed up graphics and such. I am just looking for something small, free, simple, filters, and it stops there where there are not more upgrades.
21/01/2004 5:28pm
I would not use i.Scribe if it were to become adware and I have found it to be quite beefed up as is. I like very much the fact it is light and small and fast and still is able to do everything that is needed. I like the clean GUI and the successful OE importation. My only problem is with the baiting aspect and I do not believe this is intentional. My original post was intended to draw the developers attention to this possible interpretation of the 'cripples' and not as a grip of i.Scribe which is superb client.