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Patrick Ang
18/01/2004 11:00am

I often receive e-mails that contain a forwarded e-mail, which in i.Scribe is presented as an attachment (message.eml or message.txt). And often the attached e-mail further contain a forwarded e-mail, thus resulting to an attachment within an attachment within an attachment etc.... Is there an easy way to open the last attached e-mail other than double-clicking on the attachments?

18/01/2004 10:59pm
Not at this stage, and I'm unlikely to change it. I just can't see a better user interface to this than there already is. Although I'm open to ideas on how to do it better.
Carlos Rocha
19/01/2004 2:21am
If the only attachment is .eml and there are no body, you know it is a message attached, and it can be oppened, but I dont know if it's a good idea (maybe as an option, hehe). I dont mind to click over and over (usually is an uninteresting message)
Patrick Ang
20/01/2004 3:14am
Your implementation and user interface is fine, just maybe an option in the attachment pop-up menu that says "Open exhaustively"??? Just a suggestion. Carlos is right, these messages are usually uninteresting anyway :)