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Author/Date "group" email - bcc default?
21/01/2004 2:17pm
Hi Matt,

A question/suggestion: when sending email to a group, could there be an option to make blind-carbon-copies the default setting? (Or could you just make bcc the default?) If there's a way to do this, I can't find it. Right now, I highlight all the addresses in the "To" field and right-click and choose "bcc."

By the way, Test 2 is working nicely for me. Html opens without problems (in 98--haven't tried in XP yet). The color of the menu bar is still a problem--it's white in each of the three XP color schemes.


28/01/2004 12:23am
Bcc: I'll look at making it an option.

XP Menus: Fixed... :)
28/01/2004 11:04am
Thanks again!
29/01/2004 6:14pm
Bcc: There is a new option in the general tab for setting the default recipient type for the "reply all" function. It still defaults to "To" but you can change it to "CC" or "BCC" if you want.

This doesn't effect "Reply" or "Forward", just "Reply All".