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Author/Date Request: Unicode suport
23/01/2004 11:14am
Hi people:

I was looking at the charset suport for sending e-mails in the acount preferences and I didn't found unicode. Being a native spanish speaker, I think it would be nice to make Scribe unicode compatible because of the diferent languajes Scribe users speak, or are learning as it's my case with japanese, and avoid problems with character incompatibility when sending e-mails. What do you think? Cheers!
23/01/2004 4:53pm
Scribe will send in unicode if it has to. As soon as the message can't be represented in the prefered charsets it'll default back to utf-8.

Internally Scribe stores all text in utf-8 (unicode) anyway.
19/02/2004 5:18pm
My problem comes whe replaying or fowarding e-mails. All charactares such as , , , , , and in the original text are replaced by question marks, ?, and the next character to this ones is deleted. That's way I mentioned that the unicode suport should be part of Scribe. I hope this could be considered for next releases. Take care! :)